Achieving Excellence

Excellence is not achieved by dreaming alone. Just like the architect sketches the building plan, you must write down your vision and clearly see what you want the end product to look like. Lay your foundation and begin to build brick by brick and day by day. Your bricks are labeled: strategy, confidence, hard work, prayer, commitment, knowledge, strength, wisdom and encouragement. When the last brick is laid you can step back and look at your masterpiece of excellence.

Adversity Breeds Strength

Women have been known to be nurturers, the backbone, and homemakers which most would agree is true. As family dynamics changed women became the head of households, the provider, the caretaker and much more. Unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances in life often cause individuals to look within and find their deepest strength(s) in order to survive and to be successful.

The woman’s position can vary from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute for she must adapt and excel in every situation from raising children to running corporations.

2014 - From Darkness to New Light

2014 – Come out of your darkness and step into a new light. Often when you are not moving in your passion there will be a part of you that feels empty, this is your darkness. Be encouraged! You have the power to satisfy this void. Identify your vision with clarity. Write down 3 goals you will accomplish, prioritize these goals and develop a plan of action.  

      You will persevere if you:

Alignment of a Leader

Leadership is not simply defined by who has the strongest voice or the highest ranking position. Everyone has an opportunity to lead.  A true leader recognizes the value in others and embraces the contribution of others towards a common goal.  A true leader is a mentor, a coach and at times a counselor.  In order to lead there must be others that find significant value in what you have to offer.  It begins with your character.

Move with Change

Change is inevitable....If it did not exist life would be stagnant, non-challenging and for many uneventful. Try looking through different lenses when you are in the midst of change.  As a leader you cannot react you must respond positively.  Eyes are always on you even when you do not see them so move with the change.  In order to move with it put forth effort to understand three things: 1) The behavior or act that initiated the need for change, 2) Look at it from others' perspective and 3) Identify how you can personally and positively impact the change and the desired result.